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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Excellent communication, impressive quality for camera itself and fitting service. I would recommend to everyone to buy the whole oe witness camera kit, fitting service including as it is affordable and safe. OE Witness offers 2 years warranty and support service as well. First, I found the oe witness camera by ebay, Saf has patience providing me the whole information that I asked through. It was almost midnight and he still replied to my messages that time. Finally I bought a front built in camera for my bmw 2 series converible 2017 and then I found the oe witness website that provides more info including the fitting service. I had to ask Saf for a refund as I wanted to buy a same dashcam with fitting service included without knowing that Saf owns the website too. So after my eBay return, I called oe witness by website and surprise! Saf recognised me when I requested my need through the phone conversation. He immediately gave me the solution, then sent me the invoice by PayPal and booked me for fitting the camera. Now, thanks to the oe witness concept, I can park without fear that someone could hit my car as was happening before. I strongly recommend the whole oe witness services.
Posted By: Valy
OE Witness customer, Borehamwood, London
Selected OE Witness after seeing YouTube video of Volvo V60 installation which looked identical to my V70. The results were well beyond my expectations, it blends perfectly with the existing equipment and is literally 'hidden in plain sight'. The installation, provided by OE Witness, was faultless as was the follow-up support.
I cannot reccomend this too highly.
Posted By: Lester Hampson
Purcashed the front and rear cam for my bmw 330d GT .very good product and works brilliantly.Easy to install and very discreet. Highly recommend.
Posted By: Ray Foster
Anyone buying from OE-WITNESS should have total satisfaction up to and even after installation.
⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ FIVE STARS are not enough ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❗️

Bought a dedicated front and also a rear 'dashcam' for my Jaguar E-PACE.

I'd looked at many sites to see what would, I thought, give me total satisfaction from purchase all the way through to after installation & operation. This has it all. OE WITNESS IS WAY AHEAD WITH COMMUNICATION SUPPORT. All comms. replies were received very quickly with correct answer outcome complete with polite & courteous support from SAFRAZ.

For fitting the equipment I was supplied with 3 local technicians. All of whom were contacted with requirements for fitting and I selected one. The work was carried out with ease and having backup with OE WITNESS only a call away.

Thank you SAFRAZ & OE-WITNESS for this experience & allowing me to further enjoy driving my car❗️

You can depend, when purchasing from OE-WITNESS on having quality equipment supplied and the total satisfaction of having reliable support along with it.'
Posted By: David Brodie
I purchased a front and rear camera for my Mercedes GLC from OE Witness and can’t recommend them highly enough. The service I received from Saf was outstanding. He ensured the camera was the correct model for my car explained the features and fitting options. He put me in touch with a qualified local engineer who gave me a very reasonable quote for the work. The camera is a quality product and has the appearance of a factory fitted option. Anyone looking for a quality product and five star customer service need look no further than OE Witness
Posted By: Andrew Greer
I undertook a lot of research to find the most unobtrusive dash cam on the market.

I ordered the dash and rear camera and had them shipped to Western Australia, as we have nothing like this over here.

The installation was easy and the cameras are really good, and fit perfectly.

I would highly recommend these cameras to anyone who is serious at protecting their car.

Posted By: Bryan
Company Director, Perth, Western Australia
Got this for our daughter's first car after passing her test, very easy to install and the menu is far easier to work with than others I have used. Very long power cable for the install to the fuse box. Good clear instructions. All in all a very good product for the price and gives us some peace of mind.
Posted By: Jessica
Stoke on Trent
The product was really easy to install onto my car. I found that it has really good camera quality and its night vision is exceptionally helpful as it is able to show a crisp clear image even in the dark. It came relatively fast and the package came with a manual which was very helpful as it showed how to use the dash cam with clear instructions. Overall, this product was really helpful and worth my money.
Posted By: Brian
Bought for the second car. Easy fit, full HD, good quality and perfect angle. Don't need anything else.
Posted By: Graeme
Great camera with awesome finish to my car! Menu is easy to navigate on my phone and video quality is amazing. Set up is simple and ticks all my requirements.
Posted By: Steve

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