Dash Cams

The OE Witness dash cams are manufactured from the finest materials giving the end user the unique benefit of an original style factory finish to their vehicle.

Users have the added benefit of no visible cables, optimal mounting position for the perfect view of the road and a factory style wiring loom to enable complete integration to the vehicles fuse box.

For vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz and Audi our dash cams are available in Black, Beige and Grey colours to ensure a perfect match to the vehicles existing interior.

To keep with the vehicles aesthetics and maintain a compact hidden design the OE Witness dash cam is fully controlled and setup by our dedicated OE Witness smart phone App available on the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for IOS.


The OE Witness dash cam is supplied with 1080P Full HD super night vision for clear concise video recording day and night at 30FPS via a 155-degree wide angle Sony IMX323 6 glass lens. This camera has the capability of taking photos at the touch of a button. There is the built in parking mode facility placing the system in standby mode, which works in conjunction with the incorporated impact G Sensor giving the dash cam the capability of waking up if a vibration or impact is detected. Giving the user the added protection of capturing vital data whilst not in the vehicle.

The OE Witness dash cam is supplied with a 16GB Micro SD card and can support up to 64GB. With our loop recording facility you can be assured that the device will continue to record throughout the full length of your journey and beyond. Furthermore, with our collision data lock and emergency file protection features you can completely rely on your OE Witness dash cam to capture, store and protect all essential data until downloaded safely.

The OE Witness adjustable impact G sensor will automatically save the previous 30 seconds of recorded data prior to impact and if the vehicle is in park mode will turn itself on and record a further 30 seconds and save accordingly.

These features and many more give the consumer complete confidence that they are in possession of a unique, innovative, high quality in vehicle digital video recorder with all the necessary facilities required.

With all of the above in mind and over 3 million units sold worldwide, a dedicated customer support department and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty our customers are assured of the perfect in vehicle dash cam technology, engineered with the finest materials, ensuring.

“You'll Never Drive Alone”

The minimum system requirements are Android 5.0 and IOS 8.0. Connected via WIFI the App allows the user to setup features such as the video time setting, parking mode on/off and voice mode on/off.

The App can be used to format the SD card and check memory card information. Password and SSID can be customised to users liking. There is a complete file management system to allow the user to view save and download recorded footage and photos.

The App allows for data to be posted on most social media platforms directly.