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Excellent communication

Excellent communication, impressive quality for camera itself and fitting service. I would recommend to everyone to buy the whole oe witness camera kit, fitting service including as it is affordable and safe. OE Witness offers 2 years warranty and support service as well. First, I found the oe witness camera by ebay, Saf has patience providing me the whole information that I asked through. It was almost midnight and he still replied to my messages that time. Finally I bought a front built in camera for my bmw 2 series converible 2017 and then I found the oe witness website that provides more info including the fitting service. I had to ask Saf for a refund as I wanted to buy a same dashcam with fitting service included without knowing that Saf owns the website too. So after my eBay return, I called oe witness by website and surprise! Saf recognised me when I requested my need through the phone conversation. He immediately gave me the solution, then sent me the invoice by PayPal and booked me for fitting the camera. Now, thanks to the oe witness concept, I can park without fear that someone could hit my car as was happening before. I strongly recommend the whole oe witness services.

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