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FIVE STARS are not enough

Bought a dedicated front and also a rear ‘dashcam’ for my Jaguar E-PACE. I’d looked at many sites to see what would, I thought, give me total satisfaction from purchase all the way through to after installation & operation. This has it all. OE WITNESS IS WAY AHEAD WITH COMMUNICATION SUPPORT. All comms. replies were received very quickly with correct answer outcome complete with polite & courteous support from SAFRAZ. For fitting the equipment I was supplied with 3 local technicians. All of whom were contacted with requirements for fitting and I selected one. The work was carried out with ease and having backup with OE WITNESS only a call away. Thank you SAFRAZ & OE-WITNESS for this experience & allowing me to further enjoy driving my car. You can depend, when purchasing from OE-WITNESS on having quality equipment supplied and the total satisfaction of having reliable support along with it.’

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